ALERT: A tidal wave of pro-vaccine bills to flood the U.S.

An onslaught of bills aiming to decrease personal liberty and consent regarding vaccination are on the horizon. The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is reportedly tracking 134 new vaccine bills across 35 states — all of which have been introduced in just the first seven weeks of this legislative session.

In 2015, California made waves by introducing and passing Senate Bill 277. The bill, which eliminated the personal and religious belief exemption, also prohibits unvaccinated children from entering kindergarten or 7th grade. SB277 was highly contested for a number of reasons, most notably due to concerns over parental rights, health freedom, and personal liberty.

Now it seems a number of other states are seeking to join the likes of California. NVIC has declared eight states as “priority opposition alert” states, and the organization is tracking bills to “restrict or eliminate vaccine exemptions. The states affected by such bills are: Connecticut, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah. Arkansas also had a bill of this sort, but it appears to have been withdrawn.

Some states have also introduced bills that are seeking to expand vaccine tracking or eliminate OPT-IN consent for vaccine tracking that also require opposition. These states are: Connecticut, Idaho, Kansas, Massachusetts, Montana, New York, Texas, and Utah.

Several states have introduced “school shaming” bills that will call for the public disclosure of vaccination status and exemption rates. NVIC reports, “There are school shaming bills filed to require and normalize the public disclosure of vaccination and exemption rates in the following states: AZ, CT, NV, NY, OK, TX, UT, and VA (withdrawn).”  The state of Nevada has taken this one step further by introducing AB200, which will allow parents to find out if any children attending their kid’s school aren’t vaccinated.

Several states have also introduced some rather pompous bills that will require families who utilize vaccine exemptions to participate in state-led “vaccine education.” These states include Connecticut, Texas, and Utah.

There is some good news, however: several states have also introduced bills to expand or otherwise protect exemptions. You can learn more about the 134 bills that have been introduced, which ones require opposition or support, and what these bills are aiming to do at

Even though there are some vaccine bills that appear to support or protect medical freedom, the number is woefully small in comparison to the number of restrictive and punitive bills that have been introduced. Many of these bills do not just undermine people’s right to choose, but they also serve as a gateway to public persecution. And once that happens, it will only be a short time before the government decides it can come for you, too.

In an article for Green Med Info, Jeffrey Jaxen explains, “In the current atmosphere of increasing persecution of those who exercise their medical choice, public disclosure by law opens the gates to community-driven discrimination at all levels, endless local and national media harassment, and mounting pressure on local health professionals to increase community vaccination rates at all costs.”

While these vaccine bills are often introduced in the name of public health, the reality is that these kinds of laws will only lead to those who dare question the safety of vaccines being persecuted. There have been many ill health effects associated with vaccines — and fewer people are getting vaccinated. Is anyone surprised that the government is now trying to force vaccination? The state of New York has even introduced a bill that allows for the “forced detention and treatment on suspicion of vaccine-preventable disease.” Is forced detention not a form of persecution? They’re not even calling for proof of a vaccine-preventable disease — just “suspicion.”

And this is just the beginning — if these bills get passed, it won’t take long for another grab at even more power to come to fruition. It seems that the medical police state that began in California is now expanding across the U.S. — and it will continue, if free-thinking citizens do nothing to stop it.


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