Health Ranger’s “Wide Awake” song from 2015 turned out to be prophetic, envisioning the worldwide uprising against the fake narratives and racial division agenda of the globalists

I was recently revisiting some of the 16 songs I’ve written and performed over the years, and in so many cases, the lyrics were years ahead of their time. A great example of that is the song “Wide Awake,” published in the summer of 2015. That song foretold the mass global awakening we’re seeing now as people are rejecting the tyranny of globalism everywhere.

The song promotes universal love for humanity while exposing the “fake news” that hundreds of millions of people have now come to realize is the mainstream media (legacy media). Some of the lyrics from the song include:


And we know that it is time to

Blow the lid and expose the crime

Of how their fear agenda is fake

We’re wide awake


We refuse to roll over

Disconnect from the media controllers

Take your mind back from that media attack

and belief system hijack, Jack.


You know they want to divide us

They’re afraid of the love inside us


The song lyrics also serve as a call to action, encouraging people to change the future by taking action to dispel the illusions of the globalists:


Take a walk with me with our eyes wide open

We’re gonna change the future by doin’ not just hopin’

We’re livin’ in illusions that controllers use to blind you

They never tell you peace is found inside you


No matter what the color of our faces

Our language or races

All our future lives are at stake

We’re wide awake


The song and music video, deliberately written in a feel-good pop / light rock with a bit of Country Western twang, is available here. Listen to all 16 of my songs at


Also, don’t miss my more recent song published in February of 2016, Burnin’ It Up which predicts a global banking debt collapse. (Watch it all the way through the end.)


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